SOC Programs

SOC Programs Stipend Timeline
Season of Docs Yes timeline
Season of KDE No timeline
OWASP SOC Yes timeline
Mozilla Winter of Security No timeline
Outreachy Yes timeline
Julia Summer of Code Yes timeline
OWASP Code Sprint Yes timeline
RGSOC Yes timeline
Tweag I/O Summer Internship Yes timeline
TOR Summer of Privacy Yes timeline
GSOC Yes timeline
Linux Foundation Networking Internships Yes timeline
The X.Org Endless Vacation of Code ( EVoC) Yes timeline
DataONE Summer Internship Programme Yes* timeline
Free Software Foundation Internship No timeline
Radare Summer of Code Yes timeline
Summer of Haskell Yes timeline
Open Mainframe Project - Linux Foundation Yes
Processing Foundation Fellowship Yes
Segment Open Fellowship Yes timeline
RARE Technologies Student Incubator Programme Yes timeline
Open Summer of Code Yes timeline
FOSSASIA Internship Programme Yes timeline
Hyperledger Internship Program Yes timeline
Snowplow Yes
ERPNext Summer of Code Yes timeline
Redox Summer Of Code Yes
Millenium Fellowship No timeline
John Hunter Matplotlib Summer Fellowship Yes
GNOME Internship Program Yes timeline
Igalia Coding Experience Program Yes timeline
Google Summer of Earth Engine Yes timeline
Alibaba Summer of Code Yes
ICFOSS Fellowship Programme Yes timeline
Linux Kernel Mentorship Program Yes timeline
Community Bridge Mentorship (by Linux Foundation) Yes

Open Source Competitions

Name Awards Timeline
GCI Prizes for winners timeline
Bountiful Open Source Summer- BOSS Prizes for winners* timeline
FOSSASIA Codeheat Prizes for winners timeline
Data Driven Competitions Cash prizes for winners timeline
Quantopian Open Cash prizes for winners NULL
Hacktoberfest Swag rewards timeline
24 Pull Requests No prizes offered timeline
Halite AI Bot Challenge Swag rewards for winners NULL
OSS World Challenge Prizes for winners timeline
ACM MM Open Source Software Competition Prize for winners NILL
Girlscript Summer of Code Prizes, swag rewards and internship opportunities for winners timeline

University SoC/WoC

Name Awards Timeline
Summer of Innovation Prizes and Swags for top participants
NJACK Winter of Code Prizes and Swags for top participants
Kharagpur Winter of Code Prizes and Swags for top participants
OpenCode IIITA Prizes and Swags for top participants
Summer School 2019 Certificates for all pariticipants
MDG Winter of Code No
Fossee Summer Fellowship No